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giovedì 13 febbraio 2014

Good - S.Walden

Well....I guess I warmed up enough to review books I care a lot about ( I care about all of them but I confess some more than others! ). Forgive me Italian Cosmo Girls but I'm gonna write this post in english because I'd like the author to understand and hopefully appreciate it.
The book of the day is Good by Summer Walden.
I loved this book in every possibile way, characters, dialogues, subjects, descriptions ...all is amazing in this novel. a complete package!!
The main reason I really care about this book is a personal one. the female character - Cadence - and me have lived similar life experiences and felt almost the same emotions. it was like: what the hell??? after every chapter I had to stop because it was too much for me feeling that all over again. I was scared for Cadence, I was happy for her, I was suffering with her.  I know it might be extreme but sometimes books have this effect on you.  It was cathartic, thanks to this book I resolved some personal issues from my past and this is my way to repay.

The Plot:
Cadence is a seventeen years old, a senior high school student, who did a big mistake. she paid for it and she's trying real hard to get her normal life back, win again her parents trust and....maybe her car.
She's often alone and bullied by classmates but a math teacher, Mark or Mr Connelly, shows her some attention and kindness. bam!! big crush for her teacher...who is unavailable,forbidden,taboo ( you get the point!! ) and totally inappropriate. But his kind gestures escalate and feelings are confused....but in a Good way. This is their story .


“People grow and change. You have to choose to grow and change together. It doesn't mean the feeling isn't still there. You just have to work at it a little harder.” 

“Love comes in all kinds of packages. Some are neatly tied up, and some are messy. It doesn't mean that the messy ones aren't every bit as good.” 

Good is the first book of the "Too Good" series. "Better" is the second and the last, published November 19th 2013.
Links : amazon and smashwords 

I don't think this is a difficult book, english-wise. simple words, fluent style. an easy try out!
This book is controversial in a big way so prepare yourselves for a moral war between what is politically correct and who (and how ) you love.
Music is very important here ( in all her works ), the characters express themselves through the songs the author choose ( like smashing pumpkins, the killers, DJ Shadow ). you can find a complete playlist on Spotify. Search summerwalden!!

Everytime I read one of her novel, I've got scared. I understood why. She writes about real subjects, not magical or chick flick stuff. her stories could have happened to anybody and that's what distinguish S. Walden from other writers and what makes her one of the greatest I have ever met ( bookwise! ). She is also an amazing person, sweet and easygoing and incredibly talented. I'll work my ass off to let other people know her works!!!

I'm remembering now she used to be an english teacher ( I'm soooo f***ed ). Please prof, go easy on me with your red pen ;-)!!!