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mercoledì 11 febbraio 2015

Finding Mikayla By Samantha Christy

Mikayla Parker was happy, or so she thought. She had it all—a prized medical residency, a brilliant boyfriend, and a bright future. In the blink of an eye that all changed. The world . . . a different place. Her boyfriend's fate . . . unknown. Mikayla faces a new future full of difficult choices.

Enter Mitch Matheson, a mysterious stranger who turns her world upside down. He has her questioning everything—her hope, her love, her plans for a future that may not even exist anymore. But Mitch has a promise to keep. To whom, he doesn't know. Memories from the past few years of his life are lost as a result of the very same injury that landed him on Mikayla's doorstep.

They find themselves inexplicably drawn to each other and soon discover they share an unimaginable connection—one with enough power to strengthen their bond . . . or ultimately tear them apart.

A story about hope . . .
A story about promises . . .
A story about new beginnings . . . 
Mikayla is a nurse but at Camp Brady everyone calls her Dr. Kay. She helps run the clinic in the camp. 
About a year before there was a solar flare passing earth it was big enough to cause an electromagnetic pulse which took out everything electronic. Lights, cell phones, cars and even planes died where they were. Planes fell from the shy, cars died driving and even at the hospital the most tragic event ended up exploding shortly afterwards. 

So people walked or rode bike cycles, going to look for a safe place to be. Mikayla was on her way to Camp Brady after this happen like her boyfriend Jeff an Army Doctor told her to do if something bad ever happen. On her way she helped people that she could, saw things she never saw before and informed people that Camp Brady was a safe place to be. Her boyfriend was over seas and she was waiting for his return along with other people who had family over there. It was almost a year since the big event happened when Mikayla’s world got turned up side down and down right confusing.

Mitch is a Sergeant in the Army. He is a combat medic. He gets into a car accident and is brought to Camp Brady. When Mitch wakes up, Mikayla asks him questions. They learn he has lost his memory from the past few years. He helps at the clinic and spends lots of time with Mikayla learning the ways of the new world in Camp Brady. 
One day in the clinic, a woman dies and out of nowhere he remembers his mother’s death. While shopping with Mikayla for her birthday present she is telling him a story about how Jeff teased her with a cereal box Special K. Right then all his memories comes back to him at once like a slap in the face. 
See, while Mitch was overseas fighting, his girlfriend left him for his best friend. It was and is a big issue for him. He runs off and makes sure he stays away from Mikayla even though he loves her.
Mitch and Mikayla have a strong attraction to each other. Mikayla fights it, feeling guilty for falling in love with Mitch because she is/was with Jeff. Mitch respects her enough to give her space but some things can not always be controlled. Mikayla lets go of Jeff realizing even though she will always love him, she is in love with Mitch.

Everything is going great with them until the day he remembered his past and stays away from Mikayla. Find out what it is that freaks him out so bad he refuses to even be around her. Mikayla fights him on this and wins and things get better. 
While Mikayla was alone, a Major in the Army attacks Mikayla. He had been stalking her for awhile now and finally snapped. Mitch saves her before anything can happen. With this happening both Mitch and Mikayla get the shock of their lives when Jeff has returned. Everyone’s life is crazy after that, find out what happens between Jeff and Mitch and Mitch and Mikayla, then there is Jeff and Mikayla. See how the men deal with it. Find out what is left for Mikayla to do.

This book has so many issues going on between many of the characters you just want to know how it is dealt with and who does what. See how each one deals with the new things popping up in the world. I loved this book; I give Samantha Christy two thumbs up on it. It reminds me of the Y2K event we all worried over long ago. I can so see this being how life would be if that every really happened. If you are looking for something to read I recommend you read Finding Mikayla. That is my opinion just like everyone else who does reviews on books or movies. Our reviews tell you what we think about the book but it’s up to you to make your own opinion on it. Please remember after you read a book leave a comment for the Authors. I have plenty of friends who are authors and they love to read what you the reader think about their books. So lets start with Samantha Christy’s Finding Mikayla.

Despite the fact that she is a romance writer, Samantha Christy's favorite television show of all time, like ever, is The Walking Dead.
And contrary to the fact that her heroines drink things like wine and Cosmos, she prefers Bud Light. 
She also loves fan mail and until she gets really really famous, she will answer it all.
Yeah, yeah, she went to college and all that, getting a degree in something she never uses. She's also got a gaggle of kids (4) and a pretty decent husband.


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