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martedì 3 febbraio 2015

Second Debt by Pepper Winters ( Kirsten's review)

Second Debt (Indebted, #3)Second Debt by Pepper Winters

My rating: 5 of 5 stars

5+ I ❤️ Jethro even more stars!

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The third installment of the Indebted series, was all-consuming. This is an awesomely intense read, full of questions, anxiety, and forbidden lust.

At the end of First Debt, Nila had found out one of the mysteries we've been dying for: Who the hell is Kite007? She needs to figure out how to use this information to help out her situation.

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While Nila is slowly falling for her enemy, she comes across something that changes her outlook on her circumstances. Hawksridge holds the ghosts of her ancestors past. This knowledge gives her the fight that she needs to be strong. To be the last Weaver indebted.

Jethro is also dealing with his own feelings for Nila. His ice is melting. With all these new thoughts and complications, he has forgotten a ritual that is to take place after each debt is paid. The "tally" will bond the two forever.

Before she'd arrived, I'd been a ball of twine- carefully packaged with no loose ends in sight. But Nila, with her needles and scissors, had somehow found a thread and pulled.

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The pull these two share is unequivocal. They are tethered together. The craving they have for one another cannot be denied any longer.

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Will these desires still hold true once the Second Debt is paid?

This book will have you squirming on the inside with the uncertainty of what will come, and will also have you squirming in your seat with epic sexual tension and the culmination of their passion.

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Looking back on my first review of this series, I find if funny how much Jethro made me do a complete 180. As much as the cold-hearted bastards really do it for me, I'm loving his transformation. And there is so much we don't know yet!

Speaking of...there seems to be a "condition/disease" Jethro is inflicted with. I think there were some hints as to what this may be...but I'm not going to put any money on this. You never know where things will go.

We were also able to get more on some of Jethro's family members. I loved Jasmine, his younger sister. She is extremely smart, and you can tell how much she loves her brother by trying to protect and help him. I actually caught on to her secret pretty quickly, which surprised me, because I can be a little slow. :) His grandmother Bonnie...I am very intrigued by this lady. She must have some ingrained views on tradition with her family, because I find it so hard for her as a woman to sit back and watch the poor treatment of Nila. And then there is Daniel, the youngest Hawk sibling. Besides him being creepy and cruel, unlike all the other children, I have a feeling something is going to come out about him. I'm not sure exactly what this is, but I have a feeling it's something big.

This also had some of the hottest sex/love scenes. The tension is so thick. When they get together, it's always a huge bang (pun intended). The hot spring scene was seriously off the charts!

And the second debt...OMG! If that's only the second one, I'm scared to see what the rest of the debts entail! Wow! How sadistic, cruel, and utterly intense. I kept finding myself holding my breath! Whew!

This series is what I call my perfect read. I don't even mind the wait. I think Pepper Winters does such an awesome job of not only telling a great story, but doing it in such a way that it stays with you, and you can pick up right were you left off. I'm enjoying all the twists and the revelations. Even when a few questions are answered, more and more come up! The love story is truly one of my favorites ever told. Their bond is palpable and I hope the couple can survive all to come. I am thoroughly loving it all!

And with every book...that ending!!! Holy shit! So unexpected!

I am on pins and needles to see where this all goes. I'm not even going to try to figure things out because I just know the ride is going to be fantastic.

Highly recommend this. It's becoming one of my all time favorite series. I cannot give enough praise.

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