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domenica 25 ottobre 2015

The weekly American Cosmo Girl #5

Ciao tutti! Hello readers! É il tempo di parlare di libri!  Grazie di nuovo per essere qui con me per questa settimana di Americana ragazza cosmopolita, il mio piccolo contributo a Romance and Fantasy for Cosmopolitan Girls.

I due libri che ho letto questa settimana erano molto simili. Ero confusa, di tanto in tanto durante la lettura. 
In primo luogo ho letto Comfort Object, by Annabel Joseph.  Poi Pretty When You Cry, by Skye Warren.  Mi dispiace, devo scrivere in inglese ora!  

Both of these books are BDSM themed.  Also, I didn't favor the hero as much as I would have liked, in each story.  Still, they were both enjoyable reads- I gave them four stars.  Now I just need to find my next goodread! These are a few I'm looking at: Swelter, by Nina G. Jones Creep, by Jennifer Hillier, On Thin Ice, by Anne Stuart, and Slammer, by Tabatha Vargo. 

I'm interested in Swelter, because I loved Debt, by Nina G. Jones. It is on my favorites shelf on Goodreads. It is a dark and sexy story!


I'm considering Creep, by Jennifer Hillier because it looks to be a dark, thrilling page turner with a creepy-crazy character!
As usual, I'm always looking for books in my favorite trope- stranded/shipwrecked/lost and a friend of mine suggested On Thin Ice, so that might be up next. If you know of any, please leave me a recommendation! You can find me on Goodreads here.
Finally, I'm interested in Slammer, by Tabatha Vargo, because I'm hoping it is similar to Prisoner, by Annika Martin and Skye Warren, (also on my favorites shelf). It's another dark and twisty tale!

I'll catch you up next week! Until then, remember- reading is sexy and you can do it almost anywhere!

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