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mercoledì 18 novembre 2015

Interview : Tiffany Reisz

Hello Tiffany, It is an honor for me to have the opportunity to interview you,  one of my favorite writers. Thanks  you for agreeing. First of all, let me say that I adored all of your books, especially those of the Original Sinners. You are able to show and let us know the world of BDSM  and you have described it through extraordinary and original characters. With your books, you were able to give us  a particular and realistic love story. For me it is the best  and the most beautiful  love story ever written. I never read something so exciting like this before. How did you do that? I mean, how did you get the idea?

Are you born as a writer of erotica or you did prior experience with other genres?
If I was born writing erotica, I would have been an even weirder baby than I was. THE SIREN is my first published full-length novel and it’s erotic-romance (sort of but not entirely). So for my publishing career, I’ve always  written a variation of romance and/or erotica and/or erotic romance and/or romantic erotica.

Why the name The Original Sinners?
It was inspired by the Euthymics song “Missionary Man.”

How long did you take to give birth to the idea of a so special novel like this?
I had the idea for THE SIREN in 2003, I believe. Long time ago. I wrote many many drafts of it over six years until I finally thought it was good enough to let an agent or editor see it.

The characters are wonderful, Have you inspired to someone in particular or they come out from your mind?
Zach was vaguely inspired by actor Jason Isaacs. All the rest of them are pure works of fiction even if they do have bits and pieces of real people I know. Wes has a lot in common with my friend Sparky. Nora has my sense of humor. I once dated a six-foot-four blond sadist.

How much of you we can find in them?
Søren has my theological leanings. Kingsley has my cynicism. Nora has my humor. Wes and I are both Kentuckians. That sort of thing.

In “The Siren” I am left speechless when Søren came on stage, a priest with that kind of inclination… it was not easy for me to accept it. But then going forward, he turned out the fantastic character and I loved him unconditionally. Only someone like him can love like that. Wow!
A priest is a sadistic and vicious! Let me say that you have ventured. (OMG!) Did you never think of daring  too much? Why this choice?
While writing THE SIREN, I knew Nora had a mysterious ex-lover. I had no idea who he was or what he did for a living. I did know Nora was very secretive about him and that she liked to hang out in Catholic churches. I put two and two together and realized her mysterious  ex-lover had to be a priest. Only explanation for her quirks.

Do you believe in God? Are you catholic?
Of course I do. Of course I am.

You said that with “The Queen” would have ended the series, is it the truth? Tell me no, please, you would be happy the fans all over the world.
It’s the last book for now. I do have a Christmas novella starring Søren and Magdalena that’ll be out this December, a free story. As for more full-length novels, that’s up to my publisher and the universe. I can’t write more books if my publisher doesn’t want to pay me for more, and they are quite happy with eight for now. If the books keep selling and continue to sell then maybe in the future they’ll be open to another Original Sinners book.

Which of the characters in the series is who you loved the most?
I can’t really play favorites as I love them all. But writing Søren is the most fun. The minute he steps into a scene, the drama heightens.

Have you ever thought: Oh my God, What have I done! I could have changed something in the story ...? I mean, have you ever had any regrets?
Not really. In the beginning I assumed only kinky people would read my books so I wrote for a kinky audience. Once I realized I had vanilla readers too, I started explaining things a little more so vanilla readers would understand the process of BDSM and the reasons for it better. But that’s about it.

You have a good theological culture, haven’t you? The dialogs and the disquisitions about the Holy Scriptures between Søren and Eleanor are so fantastic and it’s amazing how you managed to make it from a narrative point of view.  You have made the characters real and alive. How do you feel now that you have written the last act in the series?
I started writing THE SIREN when I was in seminary so yes, I have a very theological mind. I feel fine. I have tons and tons of books I want to write and I’m very excited about my next book THE BOURBON THIEF which will come out next summer. It’s a Southern Gothic marriage-of-convenience family secrets sort of books. I think Original Sinners fans will adore it.

Many of us love Griffin and Michael. Their relationship is so tender and strong at the same time. But, I know women who miss Wesley. Could I ask if he and Laila are stay together? 
As of now Wes and Laila are still together. I can’t say they’ll be together forever only because I haven’t written about them yet.

I ask you to greet us giving us the hope that one day you will return to write of The Original Sinners again.
Like I said, I’m writing a Christmas story with Søren and Magdalena. So yes, there is hope. There’s always hope at Christmas!

I thank you for your patience and I wish you well.
Thank you! Spank you!

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