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domenica 18 ottobre 2015

The weekly American Cosmo Girl #4

Ciao tutti! Hello readers! É il tempo di parlare di libri!  Grazie di nuovo per essere qui con me per questa settimana di Americana ragazza cosmopolita, il mio piccolo contributo a Romance and Fantasy for Cosmopolitan Girls.  

Oggi, ho finito una novella di J.J. McAvoy, Childstar (Childstar, #1).  Mi è piaciuto molto!
I requested this little treasure from NetGalley, so I will be writing a full review.  For now, I’ll tell you why I am enjoying this love story.  The hero, Noah Sloan and the heroine, Amelia London are making an erotice movie, similar to Fifty Shades of Grey, by E.L. James.  Fifty Shades of Grey is the reason I read romance and erotica.  In Childstar, readers go behind the scenes with McAvoy characters, the bad boy Noah Sloan and the all American Amelia London while they shoot their movie, Sinners Like Us, as Damon Shaw and Blair Hawthorne. Part one of Childstar, is 95 pages.  It is the first of three parts, so I will keep you posted!  Oh, did I mention they were childhood sweethearts?  It’s a great storyline, with really interesting characters.

This week I also read Hillary: Tail of the Dog (Hillary, #1) and Hillary: Flesh and Blood (Hillary #2), both by Angel Gelique.  I must share the author's warning:  “This novel contains disturbingly explicit sexual and deviant content that may be considered offensive to some readers, including rape, incest, torture and cannibalism.”  

I love warnings, because I love dark- but this is absolute horror.  
I am surprised that I not only finished the first book, but read the second and will most likely read the last book in this series.  More than once I thought about putting book #2 down.  I guess I wanted to finish what I started- or maybe I'm just a masochist?! Before you think about reading this series, please browse the full reviews on Goodreads-  These two books are so gruesome, readers!  
Ancora una volta, grazie per il vostro tempo!
I’ll leave you with some fun pictures!
Love, Terry xo

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