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Scorpio Stingers Series #0.5-2 By Jani Kay

Two worlds colliding. Will it tear them apart? 
All Jade ever wants is an intelligent, well-mannered, and highly educated man like her daddy. One who has stellar career prospects as he climbs the corporate ladder to success. A good provider who will give her a stable life and a gorgeous house in the right neighborhood. A charmed life. Everything orderly and well balanced. Her perfect match.

What she doesn’t want is a smartass, cocky, rough-around-the-edges biker. One who has tattoos and piercings, and looks like a sex god. One who is demanding and controlling. The ultimate alpha male who storms into her life and shakes her to the core.

Jade never saw it coming. Ryder is the one man she can’t resist. He shows her what she really needs. Him.
All Ryder wants is inner peace. Freedom from the hatred churning in his gut. Since his mother deserted him, his life has turned to sh*t. He’s killed a man, lost his brother and fought for his survival. All before turning twelve. Saved by Razor and Cobra, sons of the Scorpions, he owes his life and allegiance to them. The Scorpion MC is his only family. One he will serve and protect till his dying breath. 
What he doesn’t need in his life is a smart mouthed woman who thinks she’s better than him. One who pushes every one of his buttons. One who challenges him to want to be more than a drifter. One who makes him question everything he’s ever known. Ryder never saw it coming. He can’t get Jade out of his head. She shows him what he really wants. Her. Ryder wants Jade beneath him. Submitting to him and only him.
Can two people, so different in every way, find love? Or will their different worlds collide and tear them apart?

All any woman ever wants, is to know that she is worth fighting for. 

All a man ever wants, is to know he can take care of his woman. Protect her, provide for her, look after her needs and desires. 

Is the love between Ryder and his Princess strong enough to overcome the odds? When two people are so obviously meant for each other, can the world decide otherwise and rip them apart? 

In a society that judges so easily, Ryder and Jade don’t stand a chance. Can the unthinkable happen? 
Full length STANDALONE novel continuing Jade & Ryder's story in the Scorpions MC. 

 The Princess & The Biker – A modern day Romeo & Juliet.

Their two worlds collide, but the Biker and his Princess fight to be together. Their story continues in “Unchain My Heart” as the modern day Romeo and Juliet have fallen in love against the odds—but their families persist in trying to tear them apart. 
Especially Harrison, who has an unhealthy hatred for bikers and uses his position as a cop to keep Ryder Knox away from his younger sister. Can Jade ever forgive him for the untold grief he brings to her and her man? 
Ryder’s family of bikers is no better. Fearing for the club, Cobra is dead set against Ryder being with Jade. Who will Ryder choose? His Scorpio Stinger MC brothers OR his Princess? 
Will Ryder and Jade be able to overcome the many obstacles in their way? Can their love survive the loss they suffer and the choices they must make?

The Beauty & The Beast

Eva has never known a man so lost, so broken, yet so cocky and confident at the same time. Harrison Summers can unravel her with a mere look, set her heart beating with a touch, make her wanton with his words. 
Harrison demands her submission. 
Will she ever be able to surrender, willingly, to a man? Eva doesn’t know the answer, but she’s prepared to try. After the first taste, she wants more. Never one to take the easiest route, she wants to push to the edge of her limits. 
Eva is willing to give her body to Harrison. 
But her heart? 
No way. 
He’s too guarded with his own. He’s hard, cold and distant. Set on revenge. A beast. Eva knows heartbreak when she sees it. Harrison Summers will trample her heart to pieces and not give a damn. 
Intelligent, graceful and poised. She’s the beauty, he’s the beast.
Fiercely independent, Eva Ryder isn’t used to taking orders from anyone. Harrison believes it will make her submission so much sweeter. 
Will she choose to live on the edge? Surrender to him?
Never before has he wanted anything this much. It destroys his plans of living for his career and not getting involved with a woman. Sex once and let go. No ties, no tomorrows. That’s how he operates. Add to that his uncontrollable desire for revenge and he’s one messed up dude.
But Eva?
Harrison hates change. But there’s absolutely nothing he can do to stop it. He’s in too deep already. 
Is Eva the beauty who can tame the beast?
The one who can Unchain His Heart? 

Christmas is the time of year to spread joy and love, right? 


Join the Scorpio Stinger MC as they prepare something special for Christmas Day. 

When all the MC brothers go on a bike ride with Ryder and Jade, a few important discoveries are made along the way. You will laugh, you will cry. All in the spirit of Christmas. 

Please Note: May be read as a standalone, although recommended to read the Scorpio Stinger MC series in order to understand the characters better. 

It is these books you will find people who are judgmental, angry, hurt and dealing with their own problems the way they know how. So many characters from different types of lives colliding together in one world. 
Hate, misunderstandings, doubts and trust are big issues. One thing, love is missing. Can it change the people? Is love all consuming? Can people love someone and hurt them? Do people really understand the true meaning of what love really means? 
From the book Ryder, Two Worlds Colliding book 1, Unchain my Heart and the Biker Christmas Novella, you will find about so many people and how they have dealt with and deal with the things thrown in front of them.
Jade Summers a good girl who loves her family. She wants to marry a man just like her father. But no one knows the guilt she has cared and lived with for ten years. She does not understand how she can be so attracted to the type of person she really does not like or wanting her life.
Ryder Knox, Vice president of the Scorpio Stingers. He is fighting his own demons from his childhood. His mother disappeared and he killed a man thought to be his father to protect his brother. He also does not understand how he can be so turned on by this stuck up, rich, judgmental bitch in front of him.
Mia and Cobra recovering from a shootout where Cobra was hurt really bad. Then on day their son is taken from them by a rival gang. Now Cobra and his brother Razor are dealing with the possibility their dead brother Demon just may really be alive. (Gods and Monsters book 3).
Summers Special Ops Agent with anger against all bikers that has consumed him completely. Until Eva enters his life. Watching his love that was pregnant being shot down by bikers has given him a goal to bring down all MC gangs. Eva is forbidden yet he craves her. She makes him feel, does he want that?
Eva is Ryder’s half-sister he just found out he had. The man he killed was not his father it seems. His father has searched him down to let him know about the truth of his mother. Eva is angry with her father for his affair with Ryder’s mom while her mom was dying of cancer. She needs to show her father she is better than him. Then there is Summers she knows is hurt and would hurt her in return but she is drawn to him wanting to take away his pain.
People tear people apart, hurt the ones they love and in return hurt themselves. Can each person come back from the bad in their lives and see the good?
Ryder has big plans for the club with it work out and turn this criminal MC into a legit one.  Just for one day everyone puts aside the problems they have for each other and come together for the Children on Christmas. Ryder and Jade get a surprise, Summers puts aside his hate to help find Cobras son, even Jade's mother and father ride a motorcycle and enjoy lunch at the clubhouse for Christmas. But will it all last? I will let you know soon after reading Gods and Monsters.

Jani Kay did a great job and is a very creative woman. I enjoyed her books and plan on finishing out the series. Read the Scorpio Stingers series and then let the author know what you think.

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Jani is a voracious reader and would spend her last dollar on a book - always fascinated that for the mere price of a book, she can escape her world for a while and see through someone else's eyes.

Besides reading, her favorite 'thing' is traveling - she has traveled the world, learning about the ways people live and has come to the realization that no matter where we live, we all ultimately want the same things. Her hobby - Scrapbooking - keeps her up till way after midnight and her usual subjects are her family and her travels.

Ever since she can remember, Jani wanted to write stories about people, about their lives and loves. Relationships and Happiness - arguably the most difficult things to master in life and yet exactly what everyone ultimately desires (in her humble opinion).

She would love to hear from you, please email her at janikaybooks@gmail.com

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